Satu-satunya Bahtera Keselamatan

Lux Veritatis 7

Icon "The Ladder of Divine Ascent" Icon “The Ladder of Divine Ascent”

“Kasihi manusia, bunuhlah kekeliruan; tanpa kesombongan, beranilah dalam kebenaran, tanpa kekejaman bertarunglah demi kebenaran.” – St. Augustinus

Bacaan pertama menegaskan eksistensi dua jalan: jalan yang menuju kehidupan dan kemakmuran, serta jalan yang menuju pada bencana dan kematian. Bagi mereka yang tidak ingin dimusnahkan, mereka harus menaati perintah Allah atas dasar kasih kepada-Nya dan mengikuti jalan-Nya (Ul 30:15-20).

Perjanjian Baru juga menegaskan hal yang sama. Pada Injil Matius, Yesus menjelaskan kepada pada murid bahwa terdapat dua jalan: jalan yang luas dan lebar yang mengarah pada kebinasaan, dan banyak orang yang masuk ke dalamnya, serta jalan yang sulit dan pintu sempit yang mengarah kepada kehidupan, yang dilalui oleh sedikit orang (Mat 7:13-14).

Dewasa ini, ada beberapa pihak yang berusaha mengubah kebenaran tentang perkataan Yesus tersebut. Bukannya berpegang teguh pada kebenaran bahwa hanya terdapat satu jalan kepada keselamatan, yaitu Yesus Kristus yang adalah “Jalan, Kebenaran dan Hidup”…

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“Gli Uomini Non Guardano Il Cielo”: The Only Film About St. Pius X


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I receive from reader “Papapiusdecimus” (whom I thank from the heart for the kind words) an extremely interesting link, published above. 

This appears to be the only film ever made about the great pope St. Pius X. Googling around, the year of production appears to be 1951. De Gasperi was Prime Minister, and Pius XII was Pope. A dream team by any standard of today, and probably of any day.

The names involved in the production of this movie make clear, even before seeing it , this is a quality production.

Unfortunately, this is youtube format, and no subtitles.

It appears the movie was also dubbed in English, title “The Secret Conclave”.

Those of you who have Netflix might be able to see it, says here. Please can someone of my readers with Netflix subscription let me know if this is available.

If any reader can indicate where they…

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St. Pius X Or Warriors And Pansies Explained

We need a hero!

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Pansy? Not! Pope St. Pius X

In an age where effeminacy prevails at all levels and a more than alarming level of “sensitivity” is the fashion of the time, it might seem unusual to read about someone calling for the enemy to be “beating with fists”, without “counting” or “measuring” the blows, and striking “as one can”.

Utterly, utterly inacceptable, says the teacher is Islington. What will her unavoidable “gay friends” think? Urgh, monstrous!

Well, you only need to click here to persuade yourself that these words were pronounced (fists, blows, and all) by one of the best Popes of all times.

What does this teach us? Very simply, that the Popes of the past – more importantly, the greatest Popes of the past – thought and spoke like men instead of limiting themselves to the whining of their during- and  post-V-II successors, who regularly are oh so “saddened” and…

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Pope Pius X, Not “Off-The-Cuff”

He is the Man….

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When Popes didn't waffle: St. Pius X When Popes didn’t waffle: St. Pius X

The text below comes from a time when Popes were not ashamed to call themselves, and be called, the Pope.

Their authority came not only from their office, but from the way they exercised it. And they felt obliged to transmit intact the deposit of the Faith, and to use it to understand a changing world and face the challenges of turbulent times. They never demanded that the Catholic way of thinking adapt itself to the world. Rather, they demanded that the world adapt to it.

A beautiful example is “Our Apostolic Mandate”, the letter to the French bishops with which St. Pope Pius X moved decisively against the Sillon

The soundness of thinking and the clarity of language are very far away from the waffling of our times. There are no circiterisms. There are no appeals to emotions. This is not…

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Preferential… What?!

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No time for socialism: Pope Leo XIII

The appointment of a practicing Catholic clearly in favour of fiscal sanity for the position of Vice President should the US get a change from the… change will very probably cause a lot of discussions about the so-called “preferential option for the poor”. Let us, therefore, see a bit more in detail what this “preferential option” is, whether it can – once properly intended – teach us something new, whether it represents something in harmony with what the Church has always believed and, most importantly, whether lefties have any right to try to take Catholic social doctrine as hostage to push their own socialist agenda.

A rather clear (not easy to find: post -Vatican II documents are always such a senseless waffle…) definition of the “preferential option for the poor” is, in my eyes, this one:

As followers of Christ, we are…

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